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Passion For Health & Wellness Became A Small Local Business...

Eden’s Sweets started as a way for Souja, founder, to follow her passion for creating wholesome snacks and living a healthy lifestyle. Eden’s wellness bars were created in her home kitchen in 2021 when she realized that dates, a staple in her kitchen, was being underutilized in the markets as something that is delicious and nutritious! So she decided that it was time to bring this product to market, made straight from New Jersey!

She began by experimenting with morphing traditional sweets made with the superfood, dates, to more balanced and wholesome snacks. Being an active family, involved in sports and hiking, we needed a tasty snack that would provide functional energy and essential fibers and nutrients. Souja found what she was looking for and more when she created our real-tasty date-based wellness bars, free of any preservatives, additives, or added sugar.

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Those bars became a hit with hiking pals, with many requesting several on a hike or a batch to take home. Our treats were a household staple that family and friends would request for parties, events, engagements & more! We would provide to our sons’ sports teams to keep them energized on the field, and many parents would voice their genuine appreciation for a tasty, fresh, sugar-free energy bar. The demand for a healthy wellness bar was apparent, so we knew we needed to provide these bars to more than just our inner circle. We started to provide these bars to local cafes and restaurants, but we knew it wasn’t enough. We created our website to be able to provide people with the most pure, balanced wellness bar on the market.

Naturally Gluten Free And Plant Based!

We work with only natural ingredients! Our wellness bars are free of artificial flavors, dairy and gluten! It's the perfect treat for all!

We Deal With Only Whole Ingredients...
No BS!

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