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Treat yourself with our plant-based, naturally gluten-free wellness bars. Our main ingredient, dates, provide the sweetness and nutrition you need in a perfect grab & go bar! We source only the most nutritious and freshest ingredients for our bars, coming strictly from Mother Earth.

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Product Ingredients

Dried Fruits

Dates- Apricot- Fig- Cranberry


Almond- Walnut- peanut- Roasted Chickpea- Coconut


Chia- Sesame- Quinoa



Our Creations

A Little About Our Bars...

Our bars are made with a base of dates, a natural superfood.


We then add the freshest ingredients to create a sought-after balance of health and taste. Having our roots in the Middle East, the land of dates, we know a thing or two about incorporating this wonderful fruit into our healthy wellness bars and delicacies for you to enjoy!

Customers Reviews

"I've been in the market for a wellness bar that didn't have artificial flavors and all the added sugar. Eden's bars were perfect for me, and unbelievably delicious too!"
- Jessica Ullman

Our customers are raving about our bars!

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"These perfectly sized wellness bars are an amazing late night treat for me. All the indulgence of a sweet, but none of the added sugar! An added bonus is the gluten free and plant based aspect to them, which helps maintain my diet!
- Leile Tierney


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